Residency at STLCOP

Providing diverse patient care learning experiences while working with highly qualified pharmacist preceptors.

STLCOP Residency Programs

A pharmacy residency will provide you with the additional experience and specialization that today’s patient-centered health care teams require. As a resident, you will receive real-world training to effectively manage increasingly complex drug therapies for patients. Through residency, you will gain unique experience as a member of an interprofessional health care team that will open doors to new career paths and opportunities.

A Clinical Foundation for Leadership in Direct Patient Care

A residency can give you a competitive edge by providing the opportunity to build upon the knowledge you gained through coursework and experiential training. As the role of pharmacists expands, residency experience is becoming increasingly important.

  • Health systems prefer pharmacy applicants who have completed a residency.
  • National pharmacy organizations recommend postgraduate training for individuals involved in direct patient care.
  • Some institutions require residency training for pharmacists seeking advanced practice privileges.

Learn more about residency opportunities at STLCOP. The deadline to apply is Jan. 2.