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Student Research Opportunities

To delve deeper into a particular area of interest and enhance their classroom learning experience, many students at St. Louis College of Pharmacy are turning to research.

Several faculty members offer opportunities for students to conduct research in a variety of areas, including public health, pharmaceutics, pharmacoeconomics, aging, and health literacy.

In addition to the research opportunities offered at the College, students can also participate in research at other area institutions, including the summer TL1 Predoctoral Program at Washington University School of Medicine. The program provides career development for medical, pharmacy, and allied health care students through coursework, mentored training, and research.

With 30,000 square feet of research space, STLCOP’s new academic and research building will help boost the College’s collaborative research programs.

To showcase their research, students can present their methods and results at the annual Student Research Symposium.

Shape the Future Through Collaborative Research

Through the research conducted by our expert faculty and within our academic and research centers, we are exploring new possibilities and creating world-class experiences for students. MORE  

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