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Student Code and Handbook

Students at the College are responsible for adhering to both academic and non-academic policies outlined in the Student Code of Conduct and the Student Handbook.

Student Code of Conduct

St. Louis College of Pharmacy’s Student Code of Conduct is focused on the continued education and development of students in balance with the promotion of a safe and thriving community.

It includes:

  • Information on students’ rights and responsibilities (including how to file a grievance with ACPE and guidelines for student organizations)
  • College policies (including Hazing, Alcohol, Drugs, and Title IX: Sexual Misconduct, Consent, Relationship Violence)
  • Non-academic and professional conduct standards (including conduct procedures)
  • Standards on student/faculty/staff relations, academic appeals (including procedures for resolving academic and non-academic grievances)
  • Academic honor code and integrity policy (including procedures for reporting and responding to violations)

The standards in this Code support a learning environment that fosters academic success, personal and professional growth, integrity, and responsible citizenship.

Review the Student Code of Conduct.

Students are responsible for knowing the information, policies and procedures outlined in this document. This code is intended to provide general information about non-academic policies and administrative procedures at the College.

The Office of Community Standards and Education is responsible for oversight and compliance with the Code of Non-Academic Student Conduct, the Dean of Pharmacy administers the Professionalism Code and the Dean of Arts and Sciences oversees the Honor Code and Academic Integrity Policy. All codes are outlined in the Student Code.

The College reserves the right to make changes to this code at any time as needed and those changes will be made available to students online. The policies contained in the code will be administered and interpreted consistent with the College’s status as a private, nonprofit educational institution of higher education.

Student Handbook

St. Louis College of Pharmacy’s Student Handbook is available to all students for informational purposes. This Handbook is intended to provide a general overview of the many services, support systems, policies, procedures, and benefits afforded to students while enrolled at the College.

Review the Student Handbook.

In addition to this document, each student is required to know, understand, and follow the policies of the College listed in the Student Code of Conduct. All students receive a copy when they begin classes at the College.

Another useful resource is the Academic Catalog. In Academic Catalog students will find information relating to the College’s curriculum, degree programs, progression requirements, fees, and other academic requirements necessary to complete their degree program.

To review academic policies, refer to the current Academic Catalog.

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