Duncan Avenue Garage

The Duncan Avenue Garage provides faculty, staff and students with parking one block east of campus. The garage is located at 4456 Duncan Ave., St. Louis, MO 63110-1088 (between Taylor and Newstead Avenues).

Parking Rates

The 2017-2018 year, parking rates in the Duncan Avenue Garage are as follows:

  • Students: $800
  • Faculty and staff pricing based on income level:
    • $10,000 or less: $150
    • $10,000-$29,999: $225
    • $30,000-59,999: $450
    • $60,000-89,999: $675
    • $90,000 and up: $900

Faculty and staff may choose to pay parking fees through pretax payroll deduction. Students may apply parking fees to their student accounts.

Summer parking in the Duncan Avenue Garage is available at a rate of $25 per week.

Accessing the Duncan Garage

Drivers who select the Duncan Avenue Garage when completing their annual vehicle registration will be issued a hangtag for the garage and an ID card for gate access.

There are two entrances to the garage. STLCOP drivers should enter the garage through the eastern entrance, closest to Newstead Ave. STLCOP drivers will not be able to access the garage through the western gate, which is dedicated for the Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis patients and visitors.

After swiping their access card, drivers will be admitted to the garage and may park in any location.