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Five Reasons to be Thankful for St. Louis College of Pharmacy

Published on 26 November 2019

At St. Louis College of Pharmacy, there is a lot to be thankful for. From the College’s perfect location in the Central West End and its partnerships with top health care institutions, to its more than 7,000 living alumni and 1,100 students who are actively making a difference in their communities and their professions, the reasons to be grateful abound. 

This year, in true Thanksgiving fashion, P3 student Taylor Klein took time to share the five things she’s been most thankful for during her six years at the College.

  1. The College’s close-knit, family feel. When I first visited campus, I heard a lot about the tight-knit nature of the community, but I felt the full impact of this community once I became a student. From the professors and staff to classmates and older students, everyone wants to see you succeed and do well. I can’t count how many times professors have gone above and beyond to make sure I understand a subject, or how many times I’ve reached out for advice from staff members who have been more than willing to help in any way possible.
  2. My first roommates. They reminded me to let loose and have fun and not get overly stressed about my coursework.
  3. The endless opportunities the College offers to help students find a sense of belonging. I have had so many chances to get involved in clubs, my sorority and international experiences, and have made so many friends along the way.
  4. The knowledge and self-confidence I have gained in the classroom. Whether it’s how the body functions to fight off disease or how a medication works against a disease state, I never thought I would be capable of learning and retaining so much information.
  5. The failures. This seems so cliche, but I’ve learned that so many good things come from a "failure." My failures but have pushed me to work harder and better, and helped me gain a wealth of understanding. These experiences lit the fire within me during tough times and helped restore my positivity.

On Thanksgiving and throughout the year, the College is thankful for Taylor and all of the amazing students, faculty, staff and alumni who make our community such a special place to be.

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