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EutecTALKs Give a Student Perspective

Published on 21 February 2017

Pursuing your Pharm.D. is not an easy task. It takes dedication, confidence and perseverance. To help support students through their academic journey, staff in the Student Success Center have designed a speaker series with student-focused topics.

“The EutecTALKs are a spin on the traditional TED Talk format,” said Kim Hill, assistant director of academic support at St. Louis College of Pharmacy. “It is a great way for our students to receive additional academic support on an array of topics in a nontraditional manner.”

Throughout the month of February, student speakers presented on topics ranging from their experiences while on rotation to mentally preparing for the professional program.

P1 student Kirsten Robles’ presentation explored the ways students should prepare for the professional program. She emphasized the broad responsibilities of working toward a Pharm.D. and reminded students that the fundamental goal is not simply a degree or a salary, but providing the best patient care.

Along with his experiences while on rotation, P1 student, Jeff Pasucal, discussed how to stay on task and evaluate how you are doing on your rotations. He explained that as long as you are trying and working toward improvement, you will get the most out of each rotation site.

The choice to have student speakers on these topics was important in ensuring these talks were relatable to current students. Providing a platform for students at the College to share their knowledge provides an opportunity for students to learn from their peers.

“Events like EutecTALKs are beneficial because they give a student perspective on topics involving school,” Robles said. “They also allow students in attendance to relate to the speaker because they are both either going through or have gone through the same things at STLCOP. My hope is students can take the advice of these speakers and use it to empower, inform and motivate themselves to make a better   overall experience at STLCOP.”

The presentation series will conclude Thursday, Feb. 23.  Sophomore Morgan Tegart will discuss how to persevere through academic road blocks.

With the positive feedback from students, Hill looks forward to organizing more EutecTALKs with expanded topics in the upcoming fall semester.

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