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Advice for Freshmen

Published on 29 August 2016

Classes began on Monday, Aug. 22, at St. Louis College of Pharmacy. With new classes, new professors and the fresh smell of college-ruled notebooks comes the new freshman class. We asked current students what advice they would give to the incoming class.

“Learn something new every day. Experience what you can outside of pharmacy. Express yourself, whether that's through art, writing, music or exercise,” P4 student Shravan Prasad said.

“Speak up if you have a concern - there are people who want to help you and you won't find them if you don't ask, but also accept reality because there are things that will go wrong that won't be able to be changed. Everyone in the classes above you has done it and you can too,” P4 student Victoria Anderson affirmed.

P4 student Steven Ortiz likes to keep things light, “Never lose your sense of humor. It will keep you afloat and sane through this intense and challenging adventure.”

“Classes are going to be stressful at times. You may get overwhelmed with the amount of studying, but just take it one day at a time. When you are getting tense, take some time for yourself. Whatever helps keep you stress free, do it. Remember why you came here and what you're working toward. It'll all be worth it in the end,” sophomore Hunter Sneed added.

“Get involved early on! Becoming a part of organizations at STLCOP helps you to grow as a professional and leader, and allows you to find your niche here and create a strong network. The upperclassmen in these groups can help you tackle difficult courses, exams and just bad days in general. If you don't find something you want to be involved in, ask around because more than likely, you can make an organization surrounding your passions,” P3 student Emily Shor said.

P4 student Annie Dall, provided a dose of reality, “You'll always have tests that fall in the same week, and sometimes on the same day. Deal with it.”

“Give YOURSELF homework. If you don't understand it, learn it on your own. College is an amazing time to become a better version of yourself,” sophomore Steven Kramer explained.

Junior Cassondra Robinson reassured, “Don't be afraid to ask for help if you're struggling in any way. The instructors want you to succeed and they can't help you if you're not asking for it. I have a particular instructor that I always go to, even if it's just to talk when I'm stressed. I always feel better after we've spoken.”

Sophomore Miriam Bisada concluded with these words of wisdom, “Never give up.”

New students are encouraged to get involved and take advantage of the College’s on-campus student support services such as the mentoring and tutoring programs, Norton Writing Center and Counseling Center. Our on-campus student organizations and resources are designed to help students be successful academically and personally.

Advice has been sourced from Facebook and shortened for clarity.

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