Kacie Kuehn, Class of 2016

Kacie Kuehne

Name: Kacie Kuehn
Hometown: Bridgeton, Missouri
Class Year: Professional year four (P4)

Why you want to be a pharmacist:

I want to affect change in my community for the better – improving health outcomes and being a resource for my patients.

Why you chose STLCOP:

STLCOP has a reputation for building successful pharmacists that provide excellent patient-centered care. I wanted to be a part of that legacy!

What activities/organizations you are involved with at STLCOP:

Lambda Kappa Sigma professional fraternity, SPA, APhA, IPSF, NCPA

Favorite class:

The Global Pharmacist with Dr. Brenda Gardenour-Walter

Best part about STLCOP:

The sense of community we have, STLCOP is like an extended family

Future career plans and/or specific area of pharmacy you are interested in:

I’m interested in a career as a board-certified ambulatory care pharmacist and becoming a faculty member at a college of pharmacy.

Advice for incoming students:

Learn how to use your time wisely – set aside plenty of time to study but make sure you leave time for relaxing and investing in hobbies outside of school. No one can focus solely on school all the time for 6-7 years. Become a well-rounded person so you can be a well-rounded pharmacist.

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