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Alise Snyders, Class of 2021

Alise Snyders is a member of the class of 2021. Her hometown is Niceville, Florida.

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What were your thoughts upon visiting the campus?

My initial visit to STLCOP was pretty amazing. I came to campus not knowing anyone, never having been to or seen the campus, and the faculty and staff were so welcoming. The thing that struck me the most was that as I was walking into Res Hall for the first time, a bunch of students yelled across the lobby, “Hey new people, perspective students!” It was so cute! I toured a couple of other college campuses previously and none had felt so welcoming.

What is unique about STLCOP?

STLCOP’s curriculum is rather unique because every part of it is tuned toward pharmacy. Even my general education credits like sociology, economics and history—they’re all through the lens of pharmacy, which is something that was really compelling because I want to be a pharmacist, and I knew that going into college. I don’t feel like I’m just going through the motions here. I feel like everything I’m doing is building me up to be a better student pharmacist and eventually a better pharmacist.

Who has had the most impact on you while at STLCOP?

Most of the faculty and staff that I’ve come across have had some kind of impact on me, but if I had to pick one or two that have had the greatest impact, I would say one would be Rebecca Jones. She’s the director of academic support. Also, Dr. Pieper is amazing. Whenever I see him, he never fails to greet me by name and ask me how I’m doing. That’s not just an experience I’ve had; that’s an experience that we’ve all had at STLCOP. How many larger universities can say that the president of the college actually knows and recognizes each and every student that attends? That is something that really made STLCOP feel like a home.

What’s one thing you’ve learned while at STLCOP?

The most interesting thing that I’ve seen or learned since attending STLCOP is that there isn’t just a stock character definition of a pharmacist or even a pharmacy student. I sometimes walk around campus and completely forget that all of us are pharmacy students because we are all so different and have varied interests. We’re all from different walks of life. To me it’s pretty great to see the variety and diversity around campus but realize that we’re all heading toward the same goal.

What is the STLCOP community like?

STLCOP is definitely a family. I don’t consider it as just a school I go to. A lot of my friends went to bigger universities, and they have their groups that they consider their family and their home, but here, it’s the entire campus. No matter where you are, who you know or don’t know, you can always go up to anyone, and they are willing to help you.

How does STLCOP offer a well-rounded experience?

STLCOP does a lot to develop well-rounded students and foster the arts. We have the royal chorale choir, plays and musicals, a creative writing publication and even talent shows. I’ve always been interested in music and art, and I was worried that when I came to STLCOP I wouldn’t find people who were like-minded, but then I go to a talent show and see so much talent in singing, music and dancing. STLCOP provides so much opportunity to explore your different interests.

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