Student Loans

Student loans are available to students and parents who wish to borrow money to help meet educational expenses. STLCOP students are eligible for several loan programs.

Direct and Unsubsidized Loans

Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans are federal loans available to students who file a FAFSA. Direct loan eligibility and amounts are determined by students' financial need, level of enrollment, and enrollment status.

Visit the U.S. Department of Education online to learn more.

Federal Stafford Loans

Federal Stafford Loans are the most common form of government student loans, and are awarded to college students who file the FAFSA. Stafford Loans have a 4.29% fixed rate and deferred repayment.

Visit the Stafford Loans website to learn more.

Federal Perkins Loans and Health Professions Student Loans

Federal Perkins Loans and Health Professions Student Loans are need-based, subsidized student loans. The Financial Aid Office will notify students who are eligible for either of these loans.

Plus Loans

PLUS Loans are federal loans available to parents of dependent students and to graduate students. PLUS loan applications should be completed no earlier than June 1 for academic years beginning in August. PLUS loans have a 6.84% fixed rate and a deferred repayment option.

Visit to learn more and apply for PLUS loans.

Private Student Loans

Private Student Loans may be borrowed by students from a private lender like a bank or credit union. Students are much more likely to be approved for and receive a better interest rate on private loans when applying with a cosigner. A list of private lenders used by STLCOP students is available on the College's FastChoice website, however students are not restricted to the lenders on the list. These types of loans have a deferred repayment option.