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Office of Experiential Education
St. Louis College of Pharmacy
4588 Parkview Place
St. Louis, MO 63110

For questions on specific topics, contact the individuals below:

  • For general information, contact Lyddia Skaggs at or 314.446.8523.
  • For inquiries regarding concentrated IPPE and APPE community and ambulatory care rotations, contact Nicole Gattas at or 314.446.8555.
  • For inquiries regarding concentrated IPPE and APPE health system and general medicine rotations, contact Alison Stevens at or 314.446.8129.
  • For inquiries regarding all other concentrated APPE rotation areas, contact Gloria Grice at or 314.446.8550.
  • For inquiries regarding longitudinal IPPE opportunities, contact Amy Tiemeier at or 314.446.8554.
  • For inquiries regarding student requirements, contact Annie Spurlock at or 314.446.8537.
  • For inquiries regarding contracts, contact Michelle Mele at or 314.446.8493.

Visit the faculty staff directory to view the full office of experiential education.