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Philip Wenger

Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice
Division of Ambulatory Care Pharmacy


Master of Science in Clinical Investigation Washington University, St. Louis MO

Postdoctoral Scholar Mentored Training Program in Clinical Investigation at Washington University, St. Louis MO

Doctor of Pharmacy University of Illinois, Chicago IL

Biochemistry/Pre-pharmacy University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana, IL


Corrections Medicine

Ambulatory Care

Current Courses, Activities, and Scholarly Interest

Courses: Co-coordinator and instructor for PP5160 Disease State Management 1: Clinical Epidemiology

Scholarly interests: Outcomes in corrections medicine, hepatitis C, teaching and learning methods

Vita Highlights

Wenger PJ, Rottnek F, Crippen JS, Parker T. Assessment of hepatitis C risk factors and infection prevalence in a jail population. AJPH 2014; 104(9):1722-7.

Grice GR, Wenger PJ, Brooks N, Berry TM. Comparison of patient simulation methods used in a physical assessment course. AJPE 2013; 77(4):Article 77.

Bollmeier SG, Wenger PJ, Forinash AB, and Gleason BL. Impact of an online self-paced lecture to teach primary literature evaluation to second professional year students. Cur Pharmacy Teach Learn 2011(April); 3(2):148-153.