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Ehren Bucholtz

Director, Undergraduate Programs & Professor, Organic Chemistry
Department of Basic Sciences


B.S. Chemistry emphasis Biochemistry, Northern Illinois University

Ph.D. Medicinal Chemistry, Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Chemical Education, Open Source Lab Equipment

Current Research

Chemical Education:

Many non-major students taking organic chemistry do not see the value in the course because of a perceived lack of relevance to their everyday lives and future careers. To increase relevance of a pre-professional organic chemistry course, I have published a workbook of 66 guided inquiry activities with “Who gives a Darn? (WGAD)” topics. Each class activity has 1) a problem presented at the beginning of the lesson that can be answered by using concepts learned within the activity materials, 2) specified learning objectives 3) student success criteria for assessment and 4) a set of problems to help the student practice skills and solve the WGAD problem. Web based components have also been developed. More information can be obtained at

Open Source Lab Equipment:

Proprietary lab equipment is often based on application of simple chemical principles, but is sold at high cost. I am interested in developing instrumentation that is based on inexpensive computers and built with 3D printers and other off the shelf parts. The open source approach reduces the costs of teaching chemistry or performing experimental research by making designs available which can be built by others and improved upon at either the hardware or software level.

Vita Highlights


Pittsburgh Conference Memorial National College Grant ($10,000 Awarded each in 2007 and 2011)

Book Published:

Foundations of Organic Chemistry, 2015, Pacific Crest, Hampton, NH

Chemical Education Manuscripts:

Bucholtz, EC; French, L.M.; Lavoie, J.P.; Gaebelein, C.J. Quality Control Analysis of Student Generated Pharmaceutical Capsules. Journal of Chemical Education (2010) 87, 1108-1109

Bucholtz, EC Biodiesel Synthesis and Evaluation. An Organic Chemistry Experiment. Journal of Chemical Education (2007), 84, 296-297


For students interested in research opportunities:

Students interested in performing research projects will be considered on a space-available basis. Research students must commit to at least 5 hours per week, spread out over at least 2 days. Research during the academic year is on a volunteer basis or for course credit only. Please e-mail me at Ehren.Bucholtz AT to inquire.

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