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Brett Craig

Assistant Professor, Health Communications
Department of Liberal Arts


Dr. Brett Craig received his Ph.D. from the University of Kansas in 2011 with emphases in Intercultural Communication and Social Influence. He additionally earned a Graduate Certificate in African Studies due to his interest in the region after doing volunteer work in Cape Verde earlier in his education. In 2008, Dr. Craig earned his MA in International and Intercultural Communication from the University of Denver. Prior to that, he attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah where he earned his B.A. in Portuguese with minors in Business Management and International Development.


Dr. Craig specializes in the ways in which culture, the construction of identities and perceived barriers to behavior change influence communication in health and health care contexts.

Current Research

Dr. Craig’s current research is exploring how social and cultural identities can serve as barriers to necessary behavior changes in health. While working in Central Asia, Dr. Craig conducted several pilot studies exploring the sociocultural factors surrounding the increasing prevalence of cardiovascular diseases among Kazakhstani citizens. Certain aspects of the Kazakh identity have arisen as barriers to change, and Dr. Craig is exploring further how these perceived barriers are constructed as well as how they can possibly be modified for the improvement of health while maintaining the cultural self-concept.

Dr. Craig is collaborating with the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe on efforts to strengthen provider-patient relations in Kazakhstan’s health care system and equip providers with improved communication and behavior change skills. Research on both patient and provider perspectives is used in the design of communication training, especially behavior change communication, for Kazakhstan’s providers as well as informing policy decisions regarding the structure of the health care system and strengthening the medical education curriculum.

Current Courses, Activities, and Scholarly Interest

Dr. Craig enjoys teaching courses that have practical implications for professionals in the medical and health spheres such as Healthcare Communication and Communication for Health Behavior Change in addition to courses that can apply to everyone such as Intercultural Communication. He particularly enjoys working with students on research as well as supporting them as they make decisions that move them towards future successes.

Vita Highlights

Dr. Craig has been active in presenting his research at the conferences of academic and professional associations, including the International Communication Association, National Communication Association, International Association of Intercultural Communication, and the Network on Public Communication of Science and Technology in various areas around the world. He strives to apply his knowledge and research to various populations by conducting workshops, trainings, and presentations for both students and professionals as often as possible. Topics Dr. Craig covers in trainings and workshops include provider-patient communication, culture and health, conflict resolution, intercultural communication in the workplace, and effective business communication.


Dr. Craig and his wife, Jessica, have four children, two of whom were born in Kazakhstan while he and his family lived there. He enjoys seeing the world and spending time with his family.