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Safe Needle and Sharps Disposal

Missouri does not currently have any designated drop off locations, so first ask your health care provider, pharmacy, hospital, or veterinarian if they will accept your sharps for disposal.

To dispose of sharps in regular trash:

  • Package them in rigid, leak-proof containers (e.g. detergent bottle, metal coffee can).
  • Tape a label with the words “Infectious Waste” or “Biohazard Waste” to the outside of the container.
  • Tightly seal the container lid using as strong tape (e.g. duct tape) before placing in trash.
  • Contact your waste hauler to explain how you will be disposing of your sharps and confirm that they will accept. 

What not to do with these items:

  • Never place loose needles in the trash.
  • Never dispose of containers with used needles in a recycling bin.
  • Never flush sharps down the toilet.

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