Living on Campus

Everything you need to live and learn is right here! Living on campus provides you with an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The convenience of watching a movie across the hall, two-minute walk to class, or proximity to world-renowned hospitals makes living in our residence halls an easy decision.

As a resident, you will also find a network of support resources to help you be successful.

  • Eleven upperclassmen serve as resident assistants (RAs) and live on site to help students with any needs, questions and advice. RAs are specially trained to handle a variety of situations, including roommate problems, academic issues, homesickness, depression, stress, noise complaints and emergencies.
  • A full-time residence hall director also lives on site and is always available to assist residents.
  • The residence halls offer delicious, healthy meals and snacks for students.
  • Safety is always a primary concern. The College provides continuous security with both foot patrols and closed-circuit security cameras. Students living in our residence halls must use their ID card to gain building and elevator access after-hours.

Living Options

The North Residence Hall houses underclassmen in double-occupancy rooms with semi-private bathrooms as well as social and study lounges on each floor.

Learn more about the North Residence Hall.

Upperclassmen reside in the South Residence Hall which features comfortable single or double-occupancy rooms and apartment-like suites with private bedrooms, semi-private bathrooms, study lounges, laundry facilities and kitchenettes.

Learn more about the South Residence Hall.