Campus Activities

We study hard, but that's not all we do! There are dozens of student organizations on campus that offer something for everyone.

Student Organizations

There are dozens of student organizations on campus to help build a better you. Whether you enjoy outdoor adventures, gaming, or releasing your inner artist, there's an organization on campus to get involved in.

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Join Our Team

STLCOP student-athletes participate in cross-country, tennis, track and field, basketball, softball, soccer, and volleyball - all at the NAIA Division I level. 

If you're not looking for that level of competition, you can try a wide range of intramural and club sports, from roller hockey and cycling to flag football and badminton.

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Community Engagement

STLCOP is known for the community engagement activities our students experience. From working in Swaziland (a small African country in the heart of the HIV/AIDS epidemic) to helping elderly st. Louisans better understand their medications, everything we do it focuses on educating world-class pharmacists who will positively impact their patients for decades to come.

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