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Breathe Your Best

Asthma is a serious health issue. With the right combination of planning and medication, patients can reduce their risk of attacks, hospitalizations and prevent chronic symptoms.

A great place to get the support you need is in your local pharmacy. Pharmacists can help you breathe your best. Some pharmacists have gone through additional training and are known as Asthma Friendly Pharmacists. Pharmacists can:

  • Answer your questions and work with you and your doctor to control your asthma.
  • Work with you and your doctor to pick the right medicines.
  • Help you understand how to manage your triggers.

What Does it Mean to Breathe Your Best?

  • Having asthma means airways get irritated easily.
  • Most asthma can be controlled with the right plan.
    • The plan includes the right combination of controller and quick-relief medicines PLUS
    • A plan to manage your triggers.
  • When asthma is controlled, you can do anything others can do.

Types of Asthma Medication

Your asthma medicines are a tool to help you breathe normally. There are two kinds of asthma medicines. Long-term controllers are taken daily to prevent attacks. Controllers are safe for everyday use. Quick-relief medicines are taken only for symptoms. If you need a quick-relief medicine more than two times a week, talk to your pharmacist. You may need a long-term controller medicine or a different one.

Inhaling Medicine

Inhaling medicine can be tricky. The medicine does not work if it doesn’t reach your lungs. Your Asthma Friendly Pharmacist can watch you practice with your inhaler device. They will give you tips on how to use it. When the right amount of medicine gets into your lungs, you will breathe your best.

Benefits of Controlling Asthma

  • Enjoy the benefits of breathing your best!
  • Fewer missed days at work or school
  • Do all the activities you enjoy
  • Spend less time and money on urgent care

Sometimes people accept having asthma symptoms as part of their life. They think they can’t do some things, just because they have asthma. This is not true. When your asthma is controlled, you can do anything others can.

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