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Integrated Pharm.D./B.S.

Students who begin their undergraduate coursework at the College may pursue a Pharm.D. with an integrated B.S. In the integrated program, the final year of undergraduate coursework overlaps with the first professional year. Students complete their bachelor’s degree and participate in Commencement at the end of the first professional year.

The College provides a challenging learning environment where students can explore career options, develop practical expertise, and become leaders in the profession and their communities. Small class sizes allow students to have direct access to faculty and staff, and promotes strong, mentoring relationships.


In the integrated program, students complete undergraduate requirements and progress into the professional program. As long as requirements are met, most students enter the Pharm.D. program without additional testing. Students who choose an integrated Bachelor of Science in Health Humanities complete 122 semester hours of undergraduate coursework. Students who choose an integrated Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences complete 123 semester hours of undergraduate coursework.

In the College’s Pharm.D. program, students complete 130 hours of required coursework. Students are required to complete 12 semester hours of elective or selective coursework. Elective Focus Areas such as clinical services, community care, public health, research and more allow students to explore pharmacy-related topics in depth.

During the professional program, students also engage in experiential learning. Students complete nine semester hours (300 contact hours) of Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs) that extend their learning from the classroom to various pharmacy practice settings and have opportunities to provide care for diverse patient populations.

During the final year of the program, students complete 40 semester hours (1,600 contact hours) of Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs) through a series of eight five-week rotations. After finishing their APPEs and earning their Pharm.D., students apply for state licensure.

Download a sample plan of study for the integrated Pharm.D./B.S. program.

Progression Requirements

To progress into the first professional year, students in the integrated Pharm.D./B.S. program must meet all academic and non-academic requirements.

Academic Requirements for Progression

Before entry into Professional Year 1, students must have an undergraduate cumulative GPA of at least 2.7 and no grades below a C-. Students not meeting these requirements will be unable to progress into the P1 year unless remediation in the summer session results in the required cumulative GPA and no grades below C-.

This policy is overseen by a committee and is subject to change.

Non-Academic Requirements for Progression

In addition to academic requirements, students must successfully complete an in-person interview and writing assessment.

  • Interview: Interviews will be conducted during winter break, between the fall and spring semesters. Students who are unable to attend their scheduled interview must contact the Office of the Dean of Pharmacy at least two weeks prior to the interview date. Absence due to illness or other emergency also requires immediate notification. Students who are late or absent without notifying the Office of the Dean of Pharmacy may be disqualified from consideration for progression or admission into the professional program.
  • Writing Assessment: Students will be required to demonstrate minimum acceptable writing proficiency prior to progression into the P1 year. Transfer students who have completed the PCAT must score a 3 or higher in writing.

Contact the Office of Admissions to learn more and apply for admission.

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