About the Convocations

The Liberal Arts Convocations series presents a variety of speakers and artists to illuminate the complex human dimensions of health care.


Liberal Arts Convocations serve to deepen and extend the curriculum's connections to the great varieties of human experience and discourse, providing the entire St. Louis College of Pharmacy community with intellectually and culturally edifying experiences in the liberal arts and humanities to enrich, complement and extend the reach and value of its professionally-focused degree programs.


In its contributions to the College's overarching mission, the Liberal Arts Convocations will embrace and honor a variety of principles and defining goals:

  • To provide a diverse complement of 8-10 events per academic year, ranging from traditional performing arts productions to presentations that embrace social awareness and responsibility through artful means.
  • To foster specific and mutually beneficial connections between series events and topics offered through the College's curricula.
  • To introduce the College community to the rich and varied repertoire of arts and culture providers in the St. Louis region and beyond, simultaneously encouraging deeper connections between the College's constituencies and the greater metropolitan community and elevating the College's presence and profile within it.

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