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Strategic Plan Refresh

Following the implementation of our strategic plan in 2011, we made significant progress. Following the roadmap created by the plan, we transformed our campus and created new opportunities for students and faculty. By 2016, we completed more than 80 percent of the strategic objectives outlined in STLCOP 20/20, and we looked again to the future.

The strategic plan update began in the spring of 2016, with an emphasis on incorporating community input into the process. Led by the Strategic Plan Update Committee and with support from The Bernard Consulting Group Inc., the update began with an initial evaluation to create recommendations for changes.

Diagram showing the strategic plan critical issues, including: academic prgrams, research and scholarship, practice of pharamcy, campus culture, student recruitment, and community engagement

The committee began by revising the critical issue statements and collecting feedback from students, faculty, staff and friends of the College. Through a series of workgroup sessions and town-hall-style meetings, the committee developed strategic directions and objectives within each critical issue. The draft plan was presented to members of the community for additional input and approved by the Board of Trustees.

The process, marked by engagement from across our community, ensured the bold steps we take are truly taking together.


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