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Office for Research on Aging Associated Faculty Members:

John Beale, Ph.D.
Professor, Medicinal Chemistry
Natural products; computational modeling; Alzheimer's disease
Current: Biochemical effect of TDP-43 protein in neurodegenerative diseases

Tricia Berry, Pharm.D., BCPS
Professor, Pharmacy Practice
Director, Experiential Programs
Assistant Dean
Independent pharmacy resources; OTC medications; medication literacy

Alicia Forinash, Pharm.D., BCPS, BCACP
Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice
Osteoporosis; menopause; diabetes; hyperlipidemia; hypertension

Patrick Fontane, Ph.D.
Professor, Sociology
Community participation; healthy aging; senior exercise; fitness
Current: Community activity of older persons; religiosity and life satisfaction

Chaya Gopalan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Physiology
Neuroendocrinology; estrogen receptors in the brain
Current: Effect of testosterone on the expression of androgen and estrogen receptors in the female rat

Hedva Barenholtz Levy, Pharm D., BCPS



Ambulatory care; preention of medication-related problems; identification of patients at risk

Current: Individualized consultations to elderly who take multiple medications; revising medication-risk screening tool; studying outcomes of (current) medication risk screening tool

Adjunct faculty at St. Louis College of Pharmacy

Amie Brooks, Pharm.D., PCPS

Assosciate Professor, Pharmacy Practice


Ambulatory care; patient education

Peter Hurd, Ph.D.

Professor, Pharmacy Administration
Assistant to the Dean for Research
Healthy aging; medication use; exercise and fitness

Paul H. Juang, Pharm.D., BCPS
Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice
Clostridium difficile infections in the hospital; appropriate antibiotic usage in the hospital; sepsis

Jasna Marjanovic, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Pharmacology
Hemostasis and thrombosis
Current: Role of phosphatidylinositol (3,4) bisphosphate in platelet functions; regulation of adenosine diphosphate-mediated platelet activation

Elizabeth Rattine-Flaherty
Assistant Professor, Health Communications
Health and community change; aging in place; hospice
Current: Community awareness; community education

Amy Tiemeier, Pharm.D., BCPS

Director, Professional Affairs
Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice
Associate Director, Experiential Programs
Dementia (Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia); medication management and polypharmacy; medication disposal; heath literacy; pharmacy technician training in South Africa
Current: Experiential education in a variety of geriatric settings

Scott M. Vouri, BCPS
Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice
Dementia; functionality; diabetes

Office for Research on Aging Advisory Board:

Ex Officio Advisory Board Members:

Kimberly Kilgore, St. Louis College of Pharmacy
Dean of Arts and Sciences and Vice President for Student Affairs

Patrick Fontane, St. Louis College of Pharmacy
Director of the Office for Research on Aging