STLCOP is one of the nation’s oldest and largest colleges of pharmacy which enhances its student learning experiences by expanding research opportunities and public service.

St. Louis College of Pharmacy makes a difference throughout the nation and the world. Our graduating class is consistently among the largest in the nation, and our graduates live in 49 states and 13 countries. Closer to home, nearly 75 percent of all practicing pharmacists in the St. Louis-area are STLCOP graduates. But we’re not resting on our past success. We are building collaborative research teams, working with nearby premier health care institutions and universities to advance the practice of pharmacy. And we’re building a trio of new research centers: the Center for Drug Research, the Center for Patient Education and Health Literacy and the Center of Health Professions Education.


We make a difference. Just consider: We consistently graduate one of the top 20 largest classes of new pharmacists in the nation. Our graduates live in all 50 states and 13 countries. And nearly 75 percent of all practicing pharmacists in the St. Louis area are STLCOP graduates.

Still, we're moving to extend our reach to achieve global prominence. How? Through our thought leadership. Partly by serving our community and the public at large, learning from those we serve while sharing our perspective. And partly that means asking questions—and looking for answers—about critical pharmacy and health issues. For several years, we have had an Office for Research on Aging that has studied the health of older adults. But in the future, we are adding a collaborative research program based on partnerships with premier health care institutions and universities in St. Louis and beyond that will advance the practice of pharmacy to benefit everyone. Our strategic plan calls for the establishment of the following research centers:

We are just as committed to supporting the research of our faculty members and developing their expertise to promote potential research. It’s how we plan to stay in the forefront of our nation’s evolving health care system.