Investing in a Bright Future

Although there are costs involved in a college education, earning a pharmacy degree is an investment in your future. STLCOP graduates are able to enjoy rewarding careers, and we work with students to help make college more affordable. 
  • Deferred payment plans are available for students who would prefer to make monthly payments instead of a lump sum. No interest is charged, but there is a nominal payment fee.
  • Financial aid and scholarships are available for most STLCOP students to help defray costs for tuition, fees, room, and board. Freshmen residents are not eligible for College-sponsored parking.

Tuition and Fees (2015-16)

Tuition and Fees are subject to change. Please check back after April 2015 for information updated for the 2015-16 academic year.

Current Tuition

Total tuition, per semester, varies according to program year.

  • Freshman: $13,314 per semester
  • Sophomore: $13,314 per semester
  • Junior: $13,314 per semester
  • P1: $15,488 per semester
  • P2: $15,488 per semester
  • P3: $15,488 per semester
  • P4: $10,325 per semester (additional $10,325 for summer semester)

* Individual credit hour rate apply to courses in excess of 18 credit hours, less than 12 credit hours, and summer session (Freshman-junior year: $888 per credit hour. P1-P4: $1,033 per credit hour.)

Student Fees

  • Student Activity Fee: $100 per semester
  • Student Health Services Fee: $60 per semester
  • Professional Program Fee: $30 per semester
  • New Student Program (Freshman): $300 per year
  • New Student Program (Transfers): $80 per year
  • Graduation Fee: $455 one time, P4 only
  • Student Library & Access Pharmacy: $73 per year, P1-P4
  • Technology Fee (Freshman): $400 per semester
  • Personal Protective Equipment (Freshman): $40 per year
  • Professional Orientation Book: $10 one time, P1 only
  • Student Health Insurance: $1,100 per semester (estimate only)
  • Summer Parking Fee: $20 weekly
  • Summer Residence Hall Fee: $170 weekly

Room and Board

Upon submitting their academic deposit, newly accepted students will receive a Residence Hall housing application. Please return the completed application along with a deposit of $150, which will be refunded when the student vacates the room, provided there is no damage. An additional room deposit of $100 will be applied to room and board costs and refunded only with a written housing cancellation postmarked prior to June 1.

Students who lived in Residence Hall the previous academic year must submit the $100 room deposit along with their completed housing contract. This deposit is refunded only with a written housing cancellation postmarked prior to June 1.

Students’ first $500 nonrefundable housing payment is due on or before June 1. Failure to remit payment by this deadline will result in room cancellation.

Current Housing Fees

  • Residence Hall Room Fee (Double Unit): $5,489
  • Dining-Declining Balance (required for new students): $3,828
  • Residence Hall Room Fee (Suite Single Room): $6,475
  • Dining-Declining Balance (Option 1 for returning students): $2,440
  • Dining: Declining Balance (Option 2 for returning students): $3,828

Overhead costs will be deducted from board fees.

Updated costs for 2015-16 Room & Board will be available after April 2015.