Student Consumer Information

Athletic Program Information
Director of Athletics, Fitness & Recreation-Jill Harter

Athlectic Participation and Financial Support

Equity in Athletics Disclosure Report

Campus Contacts
The following offices may be contacted to assist enrolled or prospective students with:

Financial Assistance Information: Financial Aid Office, 314.446.8328
Institutional Information: Dean's Office, 314.446.8339
Completion or Graduation Dates: Registrar's Office, 314.446.8328
Security Policies and Crime Statistics: Public Saftey and Security Services, 314.446.8375
Informal Complaints and Academic Concerns: Dean's Office, 314.446.8339

Campus Safety

Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures (pages 6 - 9, 28)

Missing Person Policy (page 19)

Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification (pages 18)

Sexual Harassment Policies (pages 15 - 16)

Copyright Infringement

Handbook (pages 38 - 41)

Copyright-Acceptable Use Policy

Copyright and Fair Use Policy

Copyright Infringement & Remediation Policy

Copyright Student Responsibility Agreement

Disabilities Resources

Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Abuse Prevention Handbook

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Handbook (pages 51 - 54)

Financial Aid

Contact Information for the Financial Aid Office

Types of Financial Aid Available

STLCOP Scholarships

External Scholarships

Grants and Loans

How to Apply for Financial Assistance

Financial Aid Awards and Processes

Financial Aid Eligibility Criteria

Financial Aid Verification

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy

Student Loan Types, Terms and Conditions



Direct Loans

Student Loan Counseling



Student Rights and Responsibilities

Financial Aid Awarding

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Federal Student Loan Exit Counseling

Student Loan Terms and Conditions

Federal Student Loan Counseling and Sample Repayment

Student Loan Forgiveness Opportunities

Withdrawal, Refunds and Returns of Federal Aid

Net Price Calculator

Graduation Rates

College Navigator Graduation Rates

STLCOP Graduation Rates

Disaggregated Graduation Rates

Health Disclosures
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)

Health Information Privacy

Handbook (page 10)

Health Insurance


Vaccination Policy

Institutional Information

Academic Program


Admissions Information

Application Steps

Admission Facts

Dates and Deadlines



Map and Directions

Our Campus

Pharmacy Practice

Basic and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Liberal Arts and Administrative Sciences

STLCOP 20/20

Student Services

Technical Standards (pages 12 - 13)

Textbook Information

Transfer Credit (page 18)

Placement Information

Refund Policy

Retention Rates

Student Body Diversity

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Withdrawal Policy
Handbook (pages 50 - 51)
Academic Catalog (pages 18 - 19)

Voter Registration