Disability Services (ADA)

Disability Services, or the ADA Program, is coordinated by the associate director of academic support. This person serves as the liaison between students, faculty, and administration, advocating fair and reasonable student accommodations. Examples of support include, but are not limited to, extended test times and separate testing environments.

For questions regarding program entry or documents required for acceptance into the program, students should contact:

Rebecca Jones
Director, Academic Support
2124 Residence Hall (Success Center Hallway)


Alicia Wojciuch
Administrative Assistant, Student Affairs
Residence Hall, front desk

There are a number of steps that students, faculty and staff may have to take after each student is accepted into the program. Therefore, students should expect to wait at least one week after he/she is enrolled in the program to receive accommodations.

Current students who want to learn more about the program can do so through MySTLCOP.