A Step-By-Step Guide to STLCOP Application

Step One: Relax and Get Organzied

When you apply to college, the process may seem overwhelming at first. However, an organized approach will help you make the application process much more manageable. 

Below you’ll find instructions and links to all the steps and documents needed to apply to St. Louis College of Pharmacy. Some of these documents must be printed, completed, and mailed. In addition, you’ll need to print and provide some forms to the appropriate people at your high school. Finally, you’ll complete and submit an online essay that tells us exactly why you’re a good fit for the STLCOP Pharm.D. program.

A Checklist to Guide You

If at first you feel a bit overwhelmed by the college application process, let us help you organize and understand the steps needed to apply. Yes, there are a number of documents that must be gathered for submission, but by using the checklist below you’ll find you can easily compile everything needed and submit it by the required deadlines. All written documentation must be sent to: Registrar/Director of Admission, St. Louis College of Pharmacy, 4588 Parkview Place, St. Louis, MO 63110.

  1. Complete the STLCOP application online and submit your nonrefundable $55 application fee. We strongly recommend that you complete and submit this form as soon as possible. If you prefer to submit your application via U.S. Mail, please send the application form and your nonrefundable $55 application fee to the Office of Admission, St. Louis College of Pharmacy, 4588 Parkview Place, St. Louis, MO 63110-1088.
  2. Complete the Statement of Commitment. This statement expresses your understanding of and adherence to the Pharmacist’s Oath and the STLCOP Honor Code.
  3. If you wish to participate in our Early Decision process, complete the Early Decision Agreement Form. Early Decision allows students to state that STLCOP is their definitive first choice for continuing their education and they are prepared to commit to enrollment if they are admitted.
  4. Request an official transcript from your high school. You may use our online Request for Transcript form. Your transcript should be mailed directly from your high school to STLCOP, Office of Admissions, Attn: Connie Horrall, 4588 Parkview Place, St. Louis MO 63110. It must include your ACT/SAT score, cumulative GPA, and senior-year class rank and must bear the high school registrar’s seal. Sixth- or seventh-semester transcripts will be accepted for admission consideration. Final- or eighth-semester transcripts must be forwarded to the College immediately following graduation.
  5. Ask your high school science teacher to complete and submit a Science Reference form. This is an assessment of your abilities and character, which helps us in identifying the best students for our program.
  6. Ask your high school guidance counselor to complete and submit an Academic Reference form. You will fill out the top portion of the form and then give it to your guidance counselor for completion and submission.
  7. Complete the STLCOP Technical Standards form. This form reviews the physical, cognitive and behavioral attributes needed for success as a pharmacist. It ensures that you understand and accept the traits you must exhibit to complete the Pharm.D. program.
  8. Submit an essay. This portion of the admission process can be completed online. We require a short essay (450 to 600 words) that describes why you want to become a pharmacist, why you believe the St. Louis College of Pharmacy is a good fit for you, and how you have met and overcome adversity in your past.