So Many Ways to Grow

STLCOP students are exceptional people who look forward to a bright future in a profession that welcomes dynamic, progressive leaders. As the demand for pharmacists increases, we’re aware of how important it is to prepare our students to fill these crucial health care roles. Our mission is to be “a supportive and enriching environment for growth, advancement, and leadership, and prepare our students, residents, faculty, staff, and alumni to positively impact patients and society.” We do this by providing our students with a strong foundation in the sciences and liberal arts, and a thorough grounding in the principles of pharmaceutical care. During their time at the College students are expected to develop and demonstrate their abilities in a variety of areas:
  • Critical Thinking and Decision-Making: Students should demonstrate the ability to find, understand, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information from a variety of sources. Using this information, students make informed, rational, responsible decisions. Students also should exhibit intellectual curiosity and take responsibility for gaining new knowledge. Using this knowledge, students can solve problems with imagination and creativity. 
  • Communication: We expect students to comprehend messages provided via lectures and written materials and to be able to communicate their thoughts and ideas with clarity in both conversation and writing.
  • Academic Competence: Students should exhibit basic competence in academic courses, both in liberal arts and sciences. Specifically, students should be proficient in using basic mathematical concepts and performing mathematical operations; evaluating scientific validity and drawing inferences from evidence or experiments; appreciating the role of art and aesthetic beauty in society; and making judgements informed by historical, social, economic, scientific, and political contexts in a way that respects cultural and ethnic differences.
  • Social and Ethical Awareness: STLCOP students are socially aware and compassionate, and we expect them to exhibit these traits by demonstrating their awareness of self and others and by translating values and ideas into actions that define their personal and professional conduct.Students listen to a lecture.
  • Citizenship and Leadership: Students should understand their individual role in the community and health care profession and contribute by assuming leadership positions when appropriate. They should be able to work effectively and collaboratively with people of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds, providing leadership among diverse populations and demonstrating conflict resolution skills if needed. STLCOP graduates strive to make a positive difference in their communities, profession, and society.
  • Professional Skills: During the course of our academic program, students are expected to develop professional abilities such as identifying and assessing therapeutic problems based on patient data, developing comprehensive drug therapy plans, managing patient drug therapies and distribution systems, and collaborating with patients, caregivers, and other health professionals. These skills require proficiency with new and established technologies and an understanding of issues surrounding patient privacy and safety as well as public health concerns.
  • Life Long Learning: Students should develop an appreciation for personal and professional learning opportunities beyond graduation.

Supporting Students on Their Journey

As students develop the skills and abilities described above, STLCOP faculty and staff are dedicated to making sure each student achieves his or her full potential. When help is needed, either for academic or personal issues, STLCOP has resources available. We want our students to achieve their academic, career and personal goals, and we provide support when our students need it. To meet these needs, a number of programs have been developed that address specific issues, and we approach them with various types of assistance. Whether a student needs accommodations related to a disability, counseling for academic or personal issues, or one-on-one mentoring or tutoring, we work with our students to ensure their needs are met.   

Visit Student Support and Academic Success to learn more about all the ways in which we assist students in their personal and professional journey.