College's SNPhA Chapter Grows Quickly

Quraishi and Faulkner believe their work with SNPhA will prepare them for the future of pharmacy which may include provider status.

“It’s moving to collaborate with everyone else,” Quraishi says. “We’re working with students in the National Optometric Student Association, with other medical students, nursing students and physical therapists. We’re moving to expand our horizons and things we may not know and to collaborate… and bridge that gap for the future.”

“I think that interprofessional collaboration is instrumental in us getting provider status,” Faulkner says. “When people see when we’re working beside all of these other health professionals it’s going to be really hard to say that pharmacists aren’t health care providers.”

Jackson credits SNPhA with shaping her career outlook.St. Louis College of Pharmacy Students

“SNPhA opened up my eyes to see not only what’s in front of you, but where you’re going to go,” Jackson says. “The lesson is to prepare for your future now, and think about the steps to take before getting that degree. Once you graduate, it’s here, there’s no more preparation time.”

Quraishi explains why students at other schools want to join the College’s chapter

“We’re a big family,” Quraishi says. “Other chapters may work together but with our group the amount of support both in and out of class is great. We really care about each other and our members and that’s what keeps us going. Other chapters have seen it and that’s why they want to be honorary members.”