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Gloria Grice

Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice & Interim Director, Experiential Education
Office of Experiential Education


Undergraduate work at the University of Maryland

Graduate work at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

Post-Graduate training at St. John's Mercy Family Medicine


Family Medicine, Primary/Ambulatory Care, Clinical Pharmacogenomics, Experiential Education, Interprofessional Education, Health Literacy: Communication & Relationship Building Tools

Current Research

Ongoing research includes Interprofessional Education Assessment, Validation of Communication Tools for Pharmacy Students, and Development of Professionalism

Current Courses, Activities, and Scholarly Interest

Current courses: IPPEs, APP, Pharmacogenomics elective

Activities: watching sports, singing in a band, traveling, and playing with my kids

Scholarly interests: interprofessional education, health literacy, and physical assessment education for pharmacy

Vita Highlights

Grice GR, Monson K, Pitlick J, Chereson R, Duncan W, Geslani G, Kilgore K, Patel PB, Pautler H. Developing a Professionalism Plan. Innovations in pharmacy. Accepted February 2013.

Grice GR, Brooks N. Difference in Attitudes and Readiness for Interprofessional Learning Between Student Pharmacists and Student Nurses. J Interprof Care. Submitted January 2013.

Pautler HM, Ogweno AW, Schnur JS, Schnur ES, Rapp LE, Grice GR, Kilgore KJ. An Academic Honor Code Developed and Implemented by Students. Curr Phar Teach Learn. Submitted December 2012

Vouri SM, Grice GR, Roberts A, Berry TM, Duncan W. Didactic and Experiential Interprofessional, Inter-Institutional Courses at a Private College of Pharmacy. Curr Phar Teach Learn. Submitted November 2012.

Grice GR, Wenger, P, Brooks N, Berry T. Evaluating Optimal Methods of Learning in a Physical Assessment Course for Student Pharmacists. Am J Pharm Educ. Submitted October 2012.

Noormohammadi A, Grice GR. Will Insulin Be the Death Of Our Patients? iForumrx.org September 2012. Available at http://www.iforumrx.org/index.php?q=node/132

Grice GR, Gattas NM, Sailors J, Murphy JA, Tiemeier A, Hurd P, Prosser T, Berry T, Duncan W. Health Literacy: Use of the Four Habits Model to Improve Student Pharmacists’ Communication. Patient Educ Couns 2012;Epub: dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.pec.2012.08.019.

Ogweno A, Grice GR. Global Management of Chronic Diseases - A Call to Action for Pharmacists. JAPhA Accepted July 2012.

Horne BD, Lenzini PA, Wadelius M, Jorgensen AL, Kimmel SE, Ridker PM, Eriksson N, Anderson JL, Pirmohamed M, Limdi NA, Pendleton RC, McMillin GA, Burmester JK, Kurnik D, Stein CM, Caldwell MD, Eby CS, Rane A, Lindh JD, Shin J, Kim H, P, Glynn RJ, Kronquist KE, Carlquist JF, Grice GR, Barrack RL, Li J, Gage BF. Pharmacogenetic Warfarin Dose Refinements Remain Significantly Influenced by Genetic Factors after One Week of Therapy. Thromb Haemost 2011 Dec;107(2). [Epub ahead of print]

King C, Grice G, Gage B. Gamma-glutamyl carboxylase and its influence on warfarin dose. Thromb Haemost 2010;104 (4): 750-754.

Lenzini P, Wadelius M, Kimmel S, Anderson JL, Jorgensen AL, Pirmohamed M, Caldwel


I moved to the United States in 1986 and attended a private Baptist school for grades 1-12. I knew that I wanted to be a pharmacist after shadowing a clinical pharmacist at the NIH the summer before college. In 2002, I moved to St. Louis for my residency. I met my husband Ryan in a church band. We have a daughter, Nadia (born October 2009), a son Noah (born August 2011), and two cats, Bill and Ted. I'm obsessed with to-do lists, sweet tea, fantasy football, and anything Sean Penn. My latest obsessions include gelato, PF Chang's Mongolian Beef, and watching chick flicks (preferably all in one night). I hate any exercise, other than Wii games, I love to laugh, my favorite color is black, I'm very passionate about my Palestinian heritage, and I will one day beat the habit of nail-biting, hopefully, maybe.