President's Staff

The President's Staff reports to the president, provides counsel on strategic matters, and oversees the daily academic and administrative operations of the College. The group includes the College's deans, vice presidents, assistant vice president, director of human resources, athletic director, and special assistant to the president.

  • Dan Bauer, Director of Human Resources & Title IX Coordinator
  • Isaac Butler, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Bruce Canaday, Dean of Pharmacy
  • Mary Louise Degenhart, Special Assistant to the President
  • Heather Flabiano, Vice President for Finance and CFO
  • Ken Fleischmann, General Counsel
  • Kathy Gardner, Vice President for Advancement and Chief Development Officer
  • Brenda Gleason, Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Jill Harter, Director, Athletics, Fitness and Recreation
  • Beth Keserauskis, Vice President for Marketing and Enrollment Services
  • Kim Kilgore, Dean of Arts and Sciences
  • Eric Knoll, Vice President for Operations
  • Michael Sass, Special Assistant to the President

Individual staff members can be found in the College directory.